Power Rangers: Battle For the Grid Gets Major Update

nWay Games has released a brand new free update to Power Rangers: Battle For the Grid. As seen in the video below, this update includes a new story mode that allows you to play through the Shattered Grid story, written by Kyle Higgins, who also directs the voice cast that includes several returning Ranger actors. Jason David Frank returns as Tommy Oliver and Lord Drakkon, Austin St. John returns as Jason, David J. Fielding is Zordon, Kerrigan Mahan voices Goldar, and, like she did for the script reading at Morphicon, Meghan Camarena plays Kimberly.

While there is no word on any new characters added to the game in this update (other than those added during the last update), there are new Story Mode only battle arenas, such as the Command Center (malfunctioning), and Lord Drakkon’s Throne Room (in a flashback).

The update, and the game, are available now for Playstation 4, XboxOne, and Nintendo Switch.