Episode 54 — MMPR S2: “Zedd’s Monster Mash” and “The Ninja Encounter Part 1”

Today, on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: While the Rangers take some kids trick-or-treating, Lord Zedd plots to send the Rangers to his dark dimension. Also, the return of Pumpkin Rapper. Then after our heroes save a runaway baby stroller with the help of some new friends, Lord Zedd kidnaps the winners of a ninja competition with plans to make them his new Dark Rangers.

Episode 50 — “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fan Video”

To celebrate 50 episodes of Ranger Chronicles, I take a bit of a break from the regular episodes and watch the free video you would have received if you had joined the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fan Club. Learn the steps to become a Junior Power Ranger. Find out everyone's favorite food. Discover what a Puttie feels like. It's all right here!

Episode 49 — Beast Morphers S1 Episode 9: “Silver Sacrifice”

Today, on Power Rangers Beast Morphers: Evox wants Steel back, forcing General Burke to order Steel be shut down until Evox has been stopped. But, when Blaze and Roxy get their hands on Ben and Betty, he learns that Steel is more than just a robot. Oh, and there's some fighting, giant robots, and explosions too!