Episode 112 — Zeo: “A Zeo Beginning”

Today, on Power Rangers Zeo: The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are gone forever. Who will protect Earth from the new threat of King Mondo and his Machine Empire? Feedback for this show can be sent to: prchronicles@gmail.com Screengrabs courtesy of Morphin’ Legacy. SirStack’s Morphylogeny: The PR Footage Guide can be found at http://sirstack.db-destiny.net/morphylogeny/main.htm You can subscribe to Ranger … Continue reading Episode 112 — Zeo: “A Zeo Beginning”

Episode 110 — MMAR: “Along Came A Spider” and “Sowing the Seas Of Evil”

Today, on Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers: While Adam searches for his segment of the Zeo Crystal, Billy and the Alien Rangers try to find a way to bring the segments together while dealing with a spider monster. Then, as Tommy and Kat begin their quests, our heroes work to prevent Rita and Zedd from bringing the Aquitians' nemesis, Hydro Hog, to earth.