Power Rangers Tribute Videos

2006. It was a different time. Power Ranger comics were a distant memory, and really had not been all that great. DVD box sets were nothing but fantasy. Sure, you could buy Power Ranger DVDs, but you would only be able to get the first half of a season at best, and anything older than Ninja Storm was only in VHS. Streaming services were an unknown invention of the future in a time were Netflix only sent DVDs through the mail. The Power Rangers brand was owned by Disney, and it seemed like many fans were longing for the Saban days, when the show was filmed in California, taken more seriously, and wasn’t written down to the kids.

Back then, podcasting wasn’t much of a thing, but making fan videos was. You can still see a lot of these videos, or very similar ones, on YouTube today. At one point I decided to try my hand at it. I made some videos with team morphs (usually trying to use different clips than everyone else seemed to be using), Megazord formations, and theme songs. Eventually, I tried to get a little more creative. One video used a track from the MMPR: The Rock Adventure album where I was able to find clips to match the dialog on the track (which is much easier to do when most characters wear helmets). Then I started doing tribute videos. I made ones for all 3 seasons of MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, and inSpace, using the extended versions of their theme songs (Innever was happy with Zeo because the song wasn’t long enough, and my attempt to combine the theme with the instrumental closing theme didn’t work due to vastly different audio qualities for the 2.) I also did videos for Zyuranger, Dairanger, and the Super Sentai World special using the movie version of the MMPR theme. The last one I made was for Dino Thunder. These were all time consuming, and considering I was using Windows Movie Maker, also required a lot of computer reboots when adding a clip would hose up the whole system. Unfortunately, most of these vids have been lost, but I have managed to find the Turbo, inSpace, and Dino Thunder vids, and I thought I’d share them.

I do have to admit though, that these are pretty rough. The footage quality was the best I could find at the time, and Movie Maker reduced the quality a bit too, but at least it’s all still there. Maybe I’ll go back and redo these one day, if I ever find the time.