Hasbro Pulse Fan Fest News!

The Hasbro Pulse was held today on the Hasbro Pulse YouTube Channel, and there were a few announcements during the Power Rangers portion of the show.

Power Rangers Dino Thunder coming soon to the official Power Rangers YouTube Channel

First up, they announced that full episodes of Power Rangers Dino Thunder will begin to be added to the official Power Rangers YouTube Channel. Don’t expect them all at once though. They haven’t finished Dino Charge or Dino Super Charge yet.

Next up Hasbro announced that August 2021 will be Power Month! They are working with different retailers to create special “capsules” to help celebrate. Gamestop will be creating the “Pink Capsule” featuring various Pink Rangers. Walmart will be creating a “Retro Capsule” that will feature several of the retro toys. Hasbro Pulse will be creating the “Metallic Armor Capsule” collecting the Metallic Armor figures. This of course leads into the next bit of news…

More Metallic Armor figures are coming, currently with a November 1st release date! We get our first Aisha figure, plus updated head sculpts for Billy, Adam, and Rocky. We’re also getting new helmet sculpts for all the Rangers. All of them feature the same type of plastic used on the Catherine figure, with the glitter molded into the plastic, so there won’t be a mess. You can preorder the figures at Hasbro Pulse! It was also announced that Rocky’s weapons from his Zeo release will also be coming in 2022, possibly with another figure, and Galaxy Gliders were teased as well.

The final Lightning Collection reveal was the Tyrannosaurus Sentinel figure. Based on Lord Drakkon’s soldiers, this figure will be a Target Exclusive.

Finally, we came to the Power Rangers Dino Fury portion of the show. While the actors were unable to be present for a virtual panel, they did record a big announcement. Set in DinoHenge, the 5 actors expressed how much they’ve been enjoying their work on the show, and announced that Jordon Fite will be joining the team as the Gold Ranger, making him the first black 6th Ranger! No actual confirmation on when he will debut, but look for him when the 2nd part of Season 1 resumes in the fall.