Comic Review: Power Rangers 10 (Spoiler Warning)

Yale, the Omega Rangers’ alien companion, embarks on a solo mission to protect a group of kids from the terrors of Safehaven. Guided by the voice of the Blue Emissary, Yale will travel closer to his destiny… but what does this mean for the Omega Rangers?

First off, while the story does have a narrator, it isn’t clear that it is the Blue Emissary until the end of the issue. In fact, saying that it is in the official write up is a spoiler as well, so take that as you will.

The main part of the story is simple. Three kids, Sewa, Reeshka, and Tu-Vel, whom we’ve seen before, go out in search of the Morphin Temple, and get lost. When they are attacked by a monster, Yale, who had been shunned by the kids last issue, rescues them. Sprinkled throughout this story is the Blue Emissary recounting Yale’s origins. In the end, because of his heart and strength, the Emissary chooses Yale to be the new Blue Omega Ranger.

This should be interesting going forward. We’ve never really had a non-humanoid Ranger before. Yale can’t talk, but perhaps his roar will be enough to morph? Will his morph make him look like an adult humanoid, like it did for Justin, or will he maintain his animal form? Will he have the suit, or just the eye sparkle effect seen at the end of the issue?

Like last week’s Mighty Morphin issue, we really don’t see any Rangers in this issue, which seems a bit odd to me considering it’s Power Month. You’d think we’d have some big Ranger action in at least one of the books this month.

Story: Overall, I enjoyed this issue. I’m a little disappointed that it’s such a quiet issue considering it is Power Month, however it is nice to have the breather. I probably wouldn’t have an disappointment if it had come out any other month. Then again, we do have a major development at the end. As you can see above, Rachel Wagner has given Ryan Parrott an assist with the writing this time out. Not sure what her contributions were, this issue doesn’t feel out of place in any way, meshing well with Parrott’s work up to this point. I am confused why the Blue Emissary is kept a mystery though. It’s in the press summary, and he’s on the cover, but there really isn’t anything to indicate that it is the Blue Emissary until the end of the issue.

Art: This month could also be considered guest artist month, as neither of the main artists for the books are here this month. This time, Francisco Mortarino gets a month off so that Moisés Hildago can illustrate this one, and I’m okay with that. Not that I don’t like Mortarino’s art, but Hidalgo’s art is very good and keeps things on model, without the obvious anime or manga influence. Very easy on the eyes.

Overall: Despite the lack of Ranger action, this issue does end with a major development, which I’m sure will be a much bigger deal as the Omega Rangers continue their search for the Empyreals, as well as such much needed help. They have mentioned needing a new Blue Ranger before, and Yale has been a huge help without powers, so I’m excited to see how this plays out!