Comic Review: Power Rangers #12 (Spoiler Warning)

  • Retail Price: $3.99
  • Writer: Ryan Parrott
  • Artist: Francesco Mortarino
  • Cover Artists:
    • Main Cover: Gerald Parel
    • Legacy Variant Cover: Daniele di Nicuolo
    • Incentive Cover: Gerald Parel
    • Incentive Cover: Daniele di Nicuolo
    • Incentive Cover: Goñi Montes
    • FOC Reveal Cover: Yejin Park
    • FOC Reveal Incentive Cover: Yejin Park
    • Incentive Cover: Goñi Montes
  • Synopsis: The Omega Rangers try to reach the Spectrum II, but Drakkon has other plans that will cost them dearly. After the shocking events of last issue, the Empyreals add to their ranks before being called back to do their master’s bidding. As a departing gift they unleash their full might on the alien planet. If the Omega Rangers can survive, they’ll find themselves stranded without hope of survival. Can they fight their own insecurities and deepest fears long enough to find a way out?

This issue picks up directly from the end of last issue. As they react to seeing the Yellow Emissary ripped apart, the Omega Rangers race back to their ship, worried about the lack of response from XI. But once they reach the ship, XI’s remains are thrown at Jason, and the team learn of Lord Drakkon’s deception. He explains that, after seeing the first Emissary die, he tried to get as far away as possible, but he was captured, and the little power he still possessed was no help. He was promised freedom, and a return to full power, if he helped them find the final Emissary. Jason offers to fight him because he doesn’t think Drakkon wants to be a bad guy anymore. But Drakkon responds by closing the door and taking off in the ship.

Meanwhile, Zartus uses the Celestial Shard to transform the remains of the Yellow Emissary into the 3rd Empyreal. Zartus then commands all 3 of them to return to him, but first, they must cleanse the planet. With a huge blast, they succeed in wiping out anything on the planet’s surface, and also set into motion the degeneration of the planet itself. Fortunately, the Rangers had managed to hide in the caves beneath the alien Stonehenge, so they survive, but are trapped on the dying, mysterious planet.

2 days later, Trini manages to complete the rewiring of XI’s head, and tries sending out an S.O.S. They have no food, but have managed to find a bit of water. Over the course of an indeterminate amount of time, Trini continues to send out these messages while all 3 continue to try anything they can think of to save themselves. Zack continues to try to summon his Zord, but they are still cut off. Jason tries connecting with the Red Emissary the way Trini connected with the Yellow Emissary, but the Red Emissary is dead, so it won’t work. Meanwhile, conditions on the planet continue to worsen to the point where they have to keep their helmets on at all times just to be able to breathe. At their lowest ebb after finally running out of water, Zack confesses to abandoning the Emperor on Hartunia. At this point, they decide that they only have 2 options: keep trying to find a way off the planet, or remove their helmets together and end it all. Just as Zack is ready to offer his opinion, there is an explosion. Tired, and trapped under rubble, he thinks he’s died when he is suddenly saved by the Blue Omega Ranger!

Story – 5 of 5: Wow! You could really feel the desperation in this issue. Parrott also does a good job of showing how the lack of food also affects the team mentally, as Zack and Jason continue to try calling their Zords, and Jason even tries to connect with an Emissary that they already knew was dead. Having said all that, he also managed to show how cold-hearted Drakkon can be. He truly may want to be a good guy again, but, at this point, he’s still able to stifle it. A great set-up for the Eltarian War. I wonder if Drakkon will be put on the back burner during our next big story line, or if he’ll be an important part of it. Only future issues will tell.

Art – 5 out of 5: The art here is fantastic. And we get to see Yale as the Blue Omega Ranger. I am so glad they didn’t give Yale a humanoid morphed form. Yale is so imposing anyway, but even more so when morphed. My only question is why Jason and Zack have no facial hair by the end of this issue. They are teenagers, and have been on the planet for days. They should have some growth, unless being morphed keeps you shaved. But then, why does Drakkon still have his stubble? This is just a minor quibble though, and does not detract from the overall package

Overall – 5 out of 5: Such a well-drawn, well written issue. This issue was so tense, I could not stop reading. And I am such a fan of Mortarino’s art.