Comic Review: Mighty Morphin 14 (Spoiler Warning)

Writer: Ryan Parrott

Artist: Marco Renna

Cover Artists:

  • Main Cover: InHyuk Lee
  • Legacy Variant Cover: Eleonora Carlini
  • Incentive Cover: InHyuk Lee
  • Incentive Cover: Eleonora Carlini
  • Incentive Cover: Rian Gonzales
  • FOC Reveal Cover: Keyla Valerio
  • FOC Reveal Incentive Cover: Keyla Valerio
  • Incentive Cover: Rian Gonzales

We begin the issue with a bit of a curve ball as we flash back to the day that Zordon was told he was dying, and that the assassin’s toxin had not been completely removed from his system. But just as Zordon learns he only has five years until he dies, Billy arrives. See, unlike every other issue of Mighty Morphin to this point, we didn’t actually have our usual flashback, as noted by the lack of a “10,000 Years Ago” caption. Instead, we are actually in a bit of a flash forward (which will be set up in a bit), in which Billy and the Blue Emissary (what?!) are in the fractured memories of Zordon. But he is scared and confused, and before they can calm him down, he essentially teleports away.

Back in the present, Jason and Kim are in Safehaven, having successfully escaped all of the destruction last issue. Kim wants to go back because she feels guilty for running, but Jason does not want to go in half-cocked on what would essentially be a suicide run. He eventually convinces her to stay, but she notes that he’s starting to sound like Zordon, and warns him to not make Zordon’s mistake of not listening to the others.

Inside, Billy, Trini, and Alpha are still trying to wake up Zordon, but it isn’t working for some reason. They are interrupted by Arkon and Yale, who wish for them to follow if they want Zordon to return. They venture out to the remains of the Blue Emissary, and with Trini’s help, implore Billy to try to contact the Emissary. Even though the Blue Emissary was destroyed, Yale is proof that it wasn’t destroyed completely. So, similar to Trini contacting the Yellow Emissary, Billy hits the Emissary’s remains with his morpher while shouting “Triceratops,” which sends both he and Yale into some sort of time void, where they meet the Blue Emissary. After explaining how it’s still alive (the Emissaries existed beyond physical forms, and it’s heart still echoes throughout time and space, although it is fading), it tells them that Zordon is hiding amongst his memories, and they need to find him before the echoes completely fade. This ends up leading them to the scene from earlier in the issue.

In Angel Grove, thanks to their proximity to the battle, Bulk and Skull get an exclusive interview with Zartus, who explains that they will take over the planet and impose their will, and anyone who wishes to oppose them will not succeed. Meanwhile, on the site that was once Promethea, the SFF search the wreckage for the Rangers. Although they detect no morphin energy, they will continue until their bodies are found. Fortunately, Aisha had Tommy, Zack, and Matt all demorph so that they couldn’t be detected. Tommy and Matt have a little fight because Matt wants to call in Dragonzord to find Grace, and Tommy correctly thinks that calling in the zords is a bad idea at the moment. After Aisha breaks them up, Zack talks to Tommy, pointing out that Kim is still his girlfriend and that he needs to put an end to his beef with Matt, as they are going to need to work together on this.

Back in Safehaven, Rocky talks to Goldar, wondering how the alien warrior seems to be so superior, and yet can never deliver the killing blow, and asking if it has something to do with Lord Zedd getting the credit rather than him. Meanwhile, Squatt, Baboo, and Finster realize that they are no longer obligated to fight the Rangers. They fought for Rita because she saved them. They fought for Zedd because he scared them. Now, they can make their own decision: do they fight the Rangers, or do they help them?

Elsewhere, a young Zordon is taking a break from the Harvest to enjoy an evot. Billy shows up again, but when Zordon tries to return to his work, Billy reminds him that the Power Rangers need him. This brings him back and he basically explains that he has failed everyone, and his decisions and guidance have lead them to the brink of destruction. But, Billy reminds him that Zordon himself once said that failure is a choice that only begins when you stop trying. With that, Zordon is ready to return, although he’s not sure he’ll be much help with the Command Center destroyed. Fortunately, Billy has a solution to that problem.

Back in Savehaven, Jason, Adam, Rocky, and Kim sit down with Goldar, Squatt, Baboo, and Finster. The former villains want to help, even Goldar if it means he can make a name for himself. Accepting their help, Jason points out that they are still short-handed and feels that they should prepare for when the Empyreals attack Safehaven, but after his talk with Kim, he is willing to listen to suggestions. The non-Rangers suggest attacking now while Zartus is feeling overconfident, which, as Baboo points out, is how they’ve defeated Zedd in the past. While the other Rangers are surprised by Baboo’s intelligence, Jason says that they’ll be going in blind and need something that will tip the scales in their favor, at which point Zordon arrives in an armor suit (think Iron Man), that includes his head in a tube.

Story – 4 out of 5: I’m not knocking a point because the story has troubles per say, but the storytelling is a bit of an issue here. I understand Ryan Parrott wanting to start the issue the way he did to throw off the reader a bit, but to make it a flash forward really is confusing. It’s confusing in the single issues, and I’m sure it will be confusing in the collections as well. Also, how did Zordon know that the Command Center was destroyed? It was still standing when he was blasted by Zartus, and we learn in this issue that he’d been hiding in his memories, so he wouldn’t have any knowledge of this.

Art – 5 out of 5: The art here is fantastic! Right down to the obvious art change on Zordon when he “ages up” from harvester to wise sage. It isn’t just his eyes reverting to their normal blankness, but his face and body changes as well. The covers are also very well done, although I am annoyed that the main cover is practically the last page, spoiling the main plot of the issue. I would think this would be better as the cover for Power Rangers 14 than here.

Overall – 4 out of 5: The art and story are fantastic. It’s just that flash forward disguised as a flashback that knocks it down a point. Great 3rd chapter!