Special Episode: Rider Chronicles Episode 1

Since real life has delayed the next episode of Ranger Chronicles, I thought I'd take the opportunity to present the first episode of my Patreon Exclusive series, Rider Chronicles, which covers the series Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. In this episode, we are introduced to Kamen Rider Wing Knight, who fights invisible monsters. We also meet Kit Taylor, and 18 year old trying to turn his life around, but is also dealing with his father's disappearance. Their lives intersect just as visions of his father lead Kit to an Advent Deck.

Episode 232 — PRLG: “Grunchor On The Loose” and “Until Sunset”

Captain Mutiny's pet, Grunchor, is let loose on Terra Venture, and not even the combined might of all of the Zords can stop it. Then, Leo and Damon are captured while trying to spy on Mutiny. As they are left to bake and dehydrate, they maintain sanity by recalling most of the events of the season so far.