Comic Review: Mighty Morphin 16 (Spoiler Warning)

Writer: Ryan Parrott

Artist: Marco Renna

Cover Artists:

  • Main Cover: InHyuk Lee
  • Legacy Variant Cover: Eleonora Carlini
  • Incentive Cover: InHyuk Lee
  • Incentive Cover:  Eleonora Carlini
  • Incentive Cover: Rian Gonzales
  • FOC Reveal Cover:  Jo Mi-Gyeong
  • FOC Reveal Incentive Cover:  Jo Mi-Gyeong
  • Incentive Cover: Rian Gonzales

Before I begin the review, I want to point out something about 1 of the covers. The main cover, with the Rangers on the Thunder Megazord, is a great cover. However, what is the deal with Saba? It is so small, it looks like Tommy is using the old toy. I know Saba isn’t huge, but it is much bigger than we see here.

Over 10,000 years ago, Zophram tells Zartus of his plan to add another Guardian to the team. Zartus believes he is being replaced, but Zophram assures him that this is merely an addition to the team. Someone to watch Zartus’ back, while he’s busy watching Zophram’s back. They are soon met by, and welcome, their new friend, named Zordon.

In the present, in the Caves of Deception, the fight continues between Zordon, Zartus, and Lord Zedd. After knocking down Zordon, Zartus shows off his ability to manipulate the Zeo Crystal’s energy by stunning Zedd with a powerful blast. As Zartus lifts up Zedd by his throat, he reveals that he used Lord Zedd to convince the Supreme Council into giving him Unlimited Power. Recovering, Zordon attempts to save his former mentor, but Zartus easily knocks him back. Then he uses his staff to a slam Zordon in the back.

On Earth, the Horrid continue to rain down on the battlefield. Drakkon offers to join up with the linked up Empyreals, but is not surprised when they decline. So he has the Horrid attack them. They seem to draw off some of the Empyreals’ power before it fires off a blast the seems to kill most, if not all, of the Horrid.

As the Empyreals prepare to once again go on the offensive, we return to the Caves of Deception. With Zordon down, Zedd goes on the offensive again, but Zartus not only repels his attack, he also gives him a headbutt to knock him down. As Zartus goes in for the killing strike, Zordon wakes up, grabs the Zeo Crystal, and stabs Zartus in the chest with it, which appears to make him explode!

Back on Earth, despite the Rangers’ best efforts, the Empyreals easily gain the upper hand after slicing the Thunder Megazord in half at the waist, and then ripping the head off of the Omega Megazord. Tommy and Matt attempt a tail strike, but it fails, and the Empyreals’ punch leaves their Megazord heavily damaged as well. But, the Empyreals have been so busy fighting the Rangers, that the Blue Emissary is able to sneak up from behind, and rip them in half, finally destroying the Empyreals. As the Rangers gather, and are thanked by the Blue Emissary, Drakkon teleports away.

On the moon, all that is left of Zartus is his helmet and this staff. The Zeo Crystal lays on the ground smoking. And, as Zordon lays unconscious, with energy leaking out of his helmet, Lord Zedd stands over him…

Story – 3 out of 5: This issue was literally just 2 fights. It would have been nice to see what has happening with Sentry Force Four (have they surrendered?), or Grace, or the villains. I do like, however, that it was not the Rangers who stopped the planet “resetting” Empyreals. Even with new Zord combinations, and Drakkon bringing in the Horrid, they were still fairly easily dealt with. It took an Emissary, on that higher power level, to finally finish things. I also like that it was the Zeo Crystal, Zartus’ main goal, that turned out to be his undoing.

Art – 5 out of 5: The art here was up to it’s usual high standard. Everyone was on model, the action was dynamic, and I was not confused about what I was looking at. Very well done by Marco Renna!

Overall – 4 out of 5: The art almost manages to make you forget that this is just 2 fights by giving us so many pretty pictures to look at.