Comic Review: Power Rangers 16 (Spoiler Warning)

Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: Ryan Parrott

Artist: Francesco Mortarino

Cover Artists:

  • Main Cover: Gerald Parel
  • Legacy Variant Cover: Daniele Di Nicuolo
  • Incentive Cover: Gerald Parel
  • Incentive Cover: Daniele Di Nicuolo
  • Incentive Cover: Goñi Montes
  • FOC Reveal Cover:  Jo Mi-Gyeong
  • FOC Reveal Incentive Cover:  Jo Mi-Gyeong
  • Incentive Cover: Goñi Montes

On the moon, Zordon regains consciousness, which, based on the art, appears to also stop his energy leak. Lord Zedd presents him with a philosophical discussion about the meaning of “may the power protect you.” Zordon’s words do seem to affect Zedd a bit, as he carries his former pupil out of the caves and to the moon’s surface. I’m not sure if Zedd opens a portal or if Alpha does (Alpha’s confused dialog could be due to Zedd creating the portal, but it could also be due to being face-to-face with Zedd as the portal opens), but either way, Zedd delivers Zordon to Alpha.

In Angel Grove, Sentry Force Four surrender to Zelya and the villains, while, at the site of the Command Center, Zordon and Alpha teleport in. Billy and Alpha quickly get Zordon somewhere to attempt repairs to Zordon’s suit. Meanwhile, as the Omega Rangers survey the damage to their Zords, Drakkon contacts Trini to take credit for their rescue from the dying planet, since he is the one who left them with Xi’s body, which included a transponder that Safehaven was able to track. After all, if anyone is going to take down the Omega Rangers, it will be him.

In the remains of the Command Center, despite Zordon stating that he feels fine, Billy’s readings indicate that the suit is now degrading Zordon’s energy and breaking down his cellular structure. In other words, they need to move him to some other containment quickly or he will die. Fortunately, Grace arrives with news of an off campus Black-Site that should have adequate power and materials to save Zordon. This is great news, but Zordon has one more thing he wants to do while he still has legs. And that one thing? He gets to have his heroic pose on a Megazord, specifically the White Tiger Dragonzord. And, whether it is due to Zophram’s tragedy, Eltar’s corruption, or the fact that after tasting freedom he will soon be back in an energy tube (or perhaps all 3), Zordon has a cry.

Elsewhere, the Omega Rangers say goodbye to the Blue Emissary. Due to new unanswered questions (such as why destroying the Orange Empyreal brought Blue Emissary back, but destroying the other Empyreals did not bring back the Red and Yellow Emissaries), Blue has decided to use whatever time it has left to search for the Morphin Masters. When the Rangers question who will be their mentor, Blue explains that their experiences have proven that they need no mentor, and will be fine on their own.

At the Promethea Black-Site, Zordon is transferred into a new energy tube. But before he can reacclimate to just being a floating head again, Zelya arrives for a chat. She has spoken to the Supreme Council, and despite Zartus being gone, and his supporters fleeing, it will take generations to get Eltar back on track. She hopes to convince Zordon to return to Eltar with her to join the Council, but he declines, as fate has repeatedly shown that his place is on Earth. But he does suggest that it would be in the Council’s to appoint her at the new Supreme Guardian.

In Angel Grove, Tommy and Jason offer Goldar, Finster, Squatt, and Baboo a choice. Opening up 2 portals, they can either decide to live a new life at Safehaven, to return to Lord Zedd on the moon.

Elsewhere in town, as Bulk goes off to make sure they got enough footage of the damaged Megazords for their web show, Zelya meets up with Skull in her guise as Candice, but quickly reveals who she truly is. She tells him that she loves Earth, and that he is her favorite part, and asks him to come with her to Eltar. Reluctantly, he declines, siting his need to take care of Bulk. So, they say their goodbyes, ending them with a kiss.

On the moon, Goldar and the others exit their portal, and are called by Lord Zedd to the remains of the throne room, demanding to know why they returned to him. they lie at first, before Baboo explains that, if they had run, Rita would be ashamed of them. We also learn that Zedd gave Finster something that he managed to leave in the Power Chamber of the Command Center before it was destroyed. Pleased with this news, Zedd has them all pack up what they can because they are leaving. As they go off to pack, Zedd stares at the remains of the palace, and removes his damaged helmet.

Story – 3 out of 5: This is our basic resolution issue, setting up the new status quo going forward. The SFF get 1 page, and are gone. The MMPR team get no closure or resolution here. Presumably that is being saved for the next issue of Mighty Morphin, since this is the Omega Rangers’ book, but even they didn’t get much. Grace showing up to save the day seems suspicious to me, especially Billy’s line about it being perfect timing. I sense more Promethea problems in the future. Zordon having to return to a tube was handled well, and I like how he was able to get his heroic, cover worthy moment, in the same month that both teams had similar moments on covers of this month’s issues. Zelya’s meetings with Zordon and Skull were also nice, although you already knew how they’d go before they happened. Still, I feel bad for her as she was basically rejected twice, and now has to return to Eltar alone, after risking her life to save an alien world she had come to love. But my least favorite thing is using the final issue of a big event to set up the next big event. Geoff Johns used to do this over at DC, ending one big crossover event with a page teasing the next big event. It may take a few issues to get to the event, but the build up starts at the end of the previous one. This same thing happens here, with “thing” the Finster left in the Command Center. You’d think whatever it was would have been destroyed, but I guess that isn’t a possibility. I imagine the ending will lead to Zedd creating his palace, although why he didn’t already do that escapes me, unless his battle with Zartus has left him needing to recuperate.

Art – 5 out of 5: Loved the art in this issue. After the recent action scenes, it is nice to be reminded that Mortarino can handle the quiet moments too! Zordon in his new tube reminded me of the Command Center from MMPR: The Movie. The room is more open, the tube has a top and a bottom, and the tube appears to be in the middle of the room rather than up against a wall. The only thing missing is all the crystals present in the movie version.

Overall – 4 out of 5: A somewhat satisfying, if incomplete, resolution to The Eltarian War. I am looking forward to seeing where things go from here.