BOOM! Studio’s Announces the Next Power Rangers Event: CHARGE TO 100!

Following up on Empyreal War, BOOM! Studios has announced that their next big event in their Power Rangers line will be CHARGE TO 100, celebrating 100 published issues of Power Rangers from BOOM! Starting with this month’s issues, Mighty Morphin 18 and Power Rangers 18, both titles, and some special one-shots, will include both the Power Rangers and Omega Rangers teaming up with some familiar faces in Power Rangers Canon to battle a brand new cosmic threat, with all of existence at stake! The epic tale will conclude in the monumental 100th issue in September 2022. With the number of one-shots not known at this time, it is uncertain if the conclusion will be in Mighty Morphin 23 of Power Rangers 23, or if the 100th issue will, itself, be a one-shot.

The countdown begins with Mighty Morphin 18, which will be released on 4/13/2022!