Comic Review: Power Rangers Unlimited: Countdown to Ruin #1 (Spoiler Warning)

Writer: Marguerite Bennett

Artist: Anna Kekovsky Chandra & Guiseppe Cafaro

Cover Artists:

  • Main Cover: Keyla Valerio
  • Foil Cover: Goñi Montes
  • Incentive Cover (1:10): Keyla Valerio
  • Incentive Cover (1:25): Junggeun Yoon
  • Unlockable Variant Cover (1 copy): Goñi Montes
  • Synopsis: In the next crucial Power Rangers Unlimited special, calamity looms for fan-favorites Andros and Zhan from the hit series Power Rangers in Space. Discover their past growing up on KO-35, their journey to becoming Rangers, and the epic battle that changed their lives forever… The future of the Power Rangers saga starts here in this exciting one-shot adventure!

Story – 2 out of 5: This was just meh. Not terrible, but not exactly great either. I thought Barillium bug venom turned you into a Barillium bug, not messed with your head. And, while this does fix the way Andros remembers Karone’s kidnapping to match the show, it doesn’t explain why Karone remembers it the exact same way. Unless, she was given the venom too at some point. Also, what is the deal with Andros shouting “It’s Morphin Time?” Are we supposed to assume that he changed it to “Let’s Rocket” at some point later, or did Bennett forget which team she was writing here? I would also love to know how the older team of Rangers knew about the earth Rangers when they could not possibly have been around while Andros and Zhane were growing up. Even the 60’s Rangers only had the one adventure, so they wouldn’t have had a chance to become legends. If they were talking about the other Rangers teams we’ve seen, they should have chosen a different team image, but more on that later. The plus side is that at least Zhane and Andros were pretty close to their usual characterizations.

Art – 3 out of 5: There were 2 artists in this issue, with vastly different art styles. I prefer the older art, that showed the time before Andros joined the team. The other art was scratchier, and more exaggerated. Not my my cup of tea. I would, however, like to know who forgot that Zhane has a different morpher than the others. In fact, it might have been interesting to see how Andros processes the fact that the Silver Ranger is different from the others, both in the different morpher, and a grid pattern on this chest emblem rather than the colors that the others have. Speaking of colors, while the kids are being told about the Power Rangers, we get the traditional MMPR Season 2 photo shoot image, minus Tommy as either the Green or White Ranger. But, for some reasons, Billy is colored yellow, Kim is blue, and Trini is pink. Not sure if this was accidental, or if this was done to make it look like it is a different team of Rangers.

Overall – 2.5 out of 5: Like I said, the whole issue was meh. I was an okay look into Andros’ mind leading up to Zhane’s injury, but I really feel like it could be skipped. The only thing that might be interesting was the forced like about the Gold Omega Morpher, but it is just a passing mention disguised as foreshadowing. Save your money on this one.