Power Rangers Dino Fury Cast and Crew to Return for Power Rangers Cosmic Fury

Surprisingly announced on The Hasbro Pulse Twitter account, possibly by accident due to the time of day, the next season of Power Rangers, Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, will be a continuation of Power Rangers Dino Fury, with the complete cast and crew returning!

Why is this a big deal? Well, for one thing, it means that the extremely popular creative forces behind Power Rangers Dino Fury will stay intact and be able to continue the work they began when the series first premiered last year. But, this is also the first time the cast has been retained for a second series since the Zordon Era. Starting with Power Rangers Lost Galaxy, we’ve had a completely new team of Rangers for each series.No word yet on what Sentai series

Despite a lot of speculation, there has been no official word on what Super Sentai series will be adapted for Power Rangers Cosmic Fury, but there is a Dino Fury panel scheduled at Power Morphicon, so expect more information to be revealed there.

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