BOOM! Studios Power Rangers Related Items Solicited for June 2023 and Beyond

Possible spoilers ahead!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #109

In Shops: June 21, 2023
Retail Price: $3.99
Writer: Melissa Flores
Artist: Marco Renna
Colorist: Raúl Angulo
Cover Artists:

  • Main Cover: Taurin Clarke
  • Variant Cover: Vincenzo Riccardi
  • Incentive Action Figure Cover (1:10): Bon Bernardo
  • Incentive Cover (1:25): Vincenzo Riccardi
  • Unlockable Cover (1 copy): Taurin Clarke

As fans eagerly await the epic 30th anniversary of the airing of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the
horrifying truth of the Vessel is finally revealed to Zordon and the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but the
last person they want to fight shatters their odds of success. But it’s not only heroes that clash with each other–villains too, in a brutal battle that will pit former allies against each other, and ultimately unearth long-buried secrets that readers have been dying to know!

Power Rangers Unlimited: The Coinless #1

In Shops: June 28, 2023
Retail Price: $7.99, $9.99 for the Foil Variant
Writer: Adam Cesare
Artist: Moisés Hidalgo
Colorist: Arthur Hesli
Cover Artists:

  • Main Cover: Dan Mora
  • Foil Variant Cover: Goñi Montes
  • Incentive Cover (1:10): Dan Mora
  • Incentive Cover (1:25): Stephanie Hans

The Debut of the DRAKKON RANGERS! As if the medium-spanning, fan-favorite villain Lord Drakkon wasn’t enough of a threat, Mistress Vile has special plans that will bring the Rangers’ greatest foe into our world! But this scheming isn’t without consequences for Drakkon, and he’ll have to take a page from the book of Zordon if he wants the world of The Coinless to survive. But who would be unhinged enough to join his team? As if they have a choice… In anticipation of the monumental 30th anniversary of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers franchise,
acclaimed Dead Mall and The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance writer Adam Cesare teams up with Mighty
Morphin artist Moisés Hidalgo to present the last Rangers anyone would want to be… that fans didn’t
know they needed!

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Recharged Vol. 2 SC (Book 16)


In Stores: August 23, 2023
Retail Price: $16.99
Writer: Melissa Flores
Artist: Simona Di Gianfelice with Kath Lobo
Colorist: Raúl Angulo with Fabi Marques
Cover Artist: Mateus Manhanini

In dreams of the distant past and the battle for Earth and the Moon, new revelations about Zedd, Zordon,
and Rita are uncovered. While the Rangers debate their priorities and the fate of their captured friend, an
agent of their enemies awaits them— one of an evil presence that’s all too familiar! Meanwhile, Rita Repulsa (a.k.a. Mistress Vile) ramps up her pursuit of a special prize for Dark Specter—one that he won’t be able to resist. With new allies and an all-too-familiar minion, will the Morphin Grid manage to withstand Mistress Vile’s onslaught? Writer Melissa Flores (The Dead Lucky), artist Simona Di Gianfelice (Firefly), and colorist Raúl Angulo
(Buffy the Vampire Slayer), along with guest artist Kath Lobo (Go, Go, Power Rangers!) and colorist Fabi
(Batman: The World), continue this bold new era of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!
Collects Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #103-106.