Episode 229 — PRLG: “The Power Of Pink” and “Protect The Quasar Saber”

After managing to break free of Deviot's control, Psycho Pink looks to retrieve the Savage Sword, leaving Kendrix and Cassie to stop her. But when the entire universe is threatened, one of them will have to make the ultimate sacrifice. Then, it's the Rangers vs. Trakeena to recover the lost Quasar Saber, but the Rangers receive help from an unexpected source.

Episode 199 — PRiS: “Andros And The Stowaway,” “Mission To Secret City,” And “Ghosts In The Machine”

While looking for Zordon, Andros saves a servant from his evil master. Now the master is after his servant, and revenge! Then, Andros, Carlos, and Sophie are taken, along with tons of other people, to a secret city to be turned into Astronema's army. Then the Rangers infiltrate the Secret City to save the kidnapped people from being turned into datacards, but also have to deal with the reconstituted Psycho Rangers.