Episode 232 — PRLG: “Grunchor On The Loose” and “Until Sunset”

Captain Mutiny's pet, Grunchor, is let loose on Terra Venture, and not even the combined might of all of the Zords can stop it. Then, Leo and Damon are captured while trying to spy on Mutiny. As they are left to bake and dehydrate, they maintain sanity by recalling most of the events of the season so far.

Episode 229 — PRLG: “The Power Of Pink” and “Protect The Quasar Saber”

After managing to break free of Deviot's control, Psycho Pink looks to retrieve the Savage Sword, leaving Kendrix and Cassie to stop her. But when the entire universe is threatened, one of them will have to make the ultimate sacrifice. Then, it's the Rangers vs. Trakeena to recover the lost Quasar Saber, but the Rangers receive help from an unexpected source.

Episode 227 — PRLG: “Loyax Last Battle” and “A Red Romance”

Loyax is an old, battle-hardened warrior who used to be good, but has been corrupted by evil. When he's sent for a final battle against the Rangers, can Maya help him return to the good guys? Then, when Leo's new girlfriend is captured by a monster, he has to deal with her overprotective brother, who is determined to save her himself.